Sunday, November 21, 2004

even i think this is pretty bad

Reward offered for 'baby Jesus'
November 18, 2004

THE South Australian Brewing Company has offered six cases of beer to anyone who can produce Jesus.

The company today offered the reward after thieves made off with baby Jesus from its traditional nativity display earlier this week.

Brewery managing director Mark Powell said security footage showed a man scaling a fence and swiping baby Jesus from his manger along the banks of the River Torrens.

The nativity scene is part of the brewery's wider Christmas display - an Adelaide tradition for the past 45 years.

"The Christmas riverbank display has been an icon event in South Australia and this is the first time that anything of this kind has happened," Mr Powell said.

"We are very concerned about the wellbeing of baby Jesus and we are calling for his swift and safe return."

Mr Powell said a reward of six cases of beer had been offered for the return of the "child".

"That said, you would have thought that the incentive of a guaranteed exit through the right door after purgatory would be enough of an incentive in itself," he said.

there is a picture of the display here. its a pretty crap picture but its the only one i can find.

i used to love going to see the christmas lights. there were always kids there in their dressing gowns and slippers and for some reason i was always jealous of those kids. i suppose that was an early insight into my love of spending all day in my pyjamas.

the christmas display is totally and utterly lame. there are even things in it that have absolutely nothing to do with christmas. for instance, my all time favourite, that guy who hits the thing with the hammer. im sure that is his official name...i'll look it up later. this guy lives in a volcano, and he hits something with his huge hammer and then 2 seconds later theres a spark and a bang, its great.

i wonder if they've put anything in the cradle in jesus's place. it'd look pretty scary for the kids who know what is supposed to be in there if it was empty. perhaps i could donate my pretty little maori doll. she's just sitting in a box in the boys room and they dont play with her that much. she'd definatley be a closer colour to the real baby jesus, if there was such a guy

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