Monday, November 11, 2002

there was a girl that sharyn and i met in year nine called karlie. i dont know why we started hanging out with her. after a few years i wondered if it was because her name was karlie, so, it'd be weird cos there'd be two carlys/karlies.
anyway, she wasnt really well liked in her class. she was very moody and she liked horses. liking horses isnt a basis for not liking somone but she had rather coarse hair, so people used to pay her out and say she had horse hair. we were still friends with her though. we all got along really well. there were times when sharyn and i hated her. like when she used to flirt with all the boys from down at the skate ramp, and they'd all pay attention to her, not us. once i got so mad at her, i was *that* close to throwing a D sized battery at her. and i would have aimed for her head too. she went through a phase of writing in our diaries, like scribbling things out and calling us names. i used to think if she hated us so much, why did she still hang out with us, but she did anyway. of course we had heaps of fun times too. we were the 'weird' ones at our school. we naturally acted weirder when people were watching cos we liked the reaction we got, but also because it didnt seem weird to us, just normal and fun. like if it was raining, we'd walk under the edge of the balcony so the drips would hit us. we liked walking in the rain and would do it as often as we could. but people thought that was strange. oh well.
we stayed good friends until we were in year 12. then sharyn left after one term and i met mark and started going out with him. before that we'd hang out in the artroom at lunch and recess, but marks friends sat under the link stairs, so thats where i sat. i think that was the beginning of our diminishing friendship. sharyn kept seeing her out of school, but less and less as time went on.
since then we've caught up a few times but its always been weird. she's either over friendly or bitchy for no reason, and we never really worked out exactly what her problem was.
tomorrow we will have our chance.
after years of karlie having a whole stack of sharyn's negatives, we are going around there to get them. she has been given over a weeks notice of this, and really, she should have given them back years ago because sharyn has asked for them quite a few times. so tomorrow afternoon, we're going to her house, getting sharyns negatives and then starting calmly, are gonna ask her exactly what her problem is.

wish us luck

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