Saturday, November 09, 2002

mum saw louise and the kids were brought back safely. i must say that i am very, VERY surprised.
mums fine. im not sure if i told anyone but she had to go into hospital the other day for a clean out. the doctors said that, even though she's been through menopause her body was still producing a little bit of hormone each month, which meant that her body thought it was gonna have a period so readied itself for it then stopped cos there wasnt enough hormone. this continued for about 6 months till she had a yuck period, (which im sure you all wanted to know about). so she had to get a clean out and a look at, and now she's a bit sore but she's fine and it should be ok from now on.
i went over to her house this morning and watched the christmas pageant with her. she likes the pageant so that made her happier.

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