Monday, November 04, 2002

*big deep breath.......*
ok, we got on the plane at 20 past nine on friday morning. we were running late as usual. the plane ride was ok. we had a piece of apple and walnut cake and some dried fruit and nuts on the way. there wasnt a tv show to watch but i did get to listen to qantas's air radio. i chose channel 11, reeling in the years, with glenn a. baker. this month they were focusing on the year of 1984. i got to hear electric dreams, and other such songs. it was very entertaining. i did switch channels occasionally to the 'cool rock' channel, cos there were a few good songs on there. they played you am i. good on ya, qantas.
so we got to sydney and had absolutely no idea what to do with ourselve. we hopped on a shuttle bus and it took us to the powerhouse museum. i thought it would be a better idea to go to the star wars exhibition on a friday, since there'd be less people. there were still quite a lot of people there but, wow. it was amazing. i got my photo taken with darth vadar and yoda, and i took matts photo with boba fett and someone else...cant remember. i'll let you know in a while cos matts picking up the photos soon.
there was so much there. it was really weird to see it all. it was like it was smaller than i thought, but bigger at the same time. we stayed in the information portal for a while and played computer games. we beat the trash masher, i'm proud to say. it was a game where you had to choose the odd one out out of characters and ships and stuff, or luke, han, leia and chewie get...well, mashed in the trasher. there was also a thing where you could be darth vadar. we had to stand on our knees to try it but you got to look through the helmet and see things as he'd see them, and it also had a voice simulator so you sounded like him. i said, 'maaaaaatty, maaaaatty, come here....i've got a little kiss for you' then imade kissing noises. i thought id show the nice side to good ol darth.
then we walked around a bit and caught a bus to glebe. i loved glebe. it was so cool. the houses were all old and funky and glebe point road, the main road in glebe is full of cool restaurants and stuff. we stayed just off of glebe point road in arcadia house bed and breakfast. donna and gary were our host and hostess and they must get up bloody early to have the house looking like it does and the breakfast ready. wow. there house is so nice. and every morning we had a choice of fruit, cereal, yoghurt, croissants, toast, raisin toast, muffins, fruit rolls, different juices, freshly brewed plunger coffee and tea. and it was all laid out for us when we got up.
on friday we had a sleep for a few hours, then walked up and down glebe point road looking for something to eat. by the time we decided what we wanted it was about 11 o'clock and everything was closing so we just went to the deli and got some chips and i got some milk and cookies icecream. that was amazing. it was gourmet icecream, yummo :)
then we went home again and slept.
on saturday morning we went to the glebe markets which i seriously could have spent all day at. there were so many cool stalls and so many cool stuff, and so many cool people. yeah, as you can seem it was cool. i got two shirts - very funky. matt got a t shirt and a shirt and i got a necklace which has become my most favourite thing. it was by a local artist called jordana archer-may and you HAVE to go look at her site. i'm thinking about changing some of my faeries to some of hers.....maybe? do you think so, sean? :)
my necklace is just a small square frame made of aluminium with a beautiful drawing in it on a thin silver wire and i love it. its on this page and it's called 'found will fly'.
then we walked around a bit and got some lunch then decided to catch the 'light rail', which just means tram, to the city and look around a bit at paddys markets. they're basically just huge markets with the same shops over and over again and pretty much all asian importers of toys like spaderman. 'just like the movie', she said. yeah, that would have been the one with tabey maguire and kirstun dinst in it. we got xander some funny little star wars guys with big heads. he loves them,
then we caught a bus to annandale to go to the bass player and guitar world? cant remember if that ones right, no, its something or others rare guitars. anyway, theyre both shops that matt has wanted to go to for ever. they were ok. not as good as either of us had hoped. a bit too clean and well layed out. they should have been dark and musty with guitars jutting out all over the place and amp cords twisting through the rooms and stuff.
then we walked home from annandale and had some tea and went to sleep for a while. then we got dresses and walked back to annandale to see knievel play at the annandale hotel. they were cool. we got their cd and a free poster and they all signed the poster afterwards. tracey, the bass player, said that she'd come and see anatone if they got to play at music business adelaide at the end of november. matts got some phone calls to make.
after another beautiful sleep in the best bed in the world and amazing breakfast on the terrace, we headed on down to the rocks to go to the rocks markets, down at the harbour. i got the most amazing massage while i was there. i wish i could have stayed under that chinese girls hands forever :)
we got to walk around a few places where playing beatie bow was filmed back in the 80's. matt was very excited because he used to be in love with the girl who played abigail in the movie, imogen someone.
we walked along the harbour and took photos of the harbour bridge and the opera house. we sat down under the harbour bridge and i did a wee cos i was busting and i was wearing a skirt and no knickers, so i just sat on a little concrete wall and had a conversation with matt about how gross i was and wee'd down the wall. yep, i wee'd, so sue me :)
we had some lunch and then walked down to the aquarium. we were going to go in but they didnt have a bag check so we would have had to carry all our stuff with us and it was so heavy after carrying it all day already. apparently they arent allowed to hold bags anymore incase there are bombs in them. so thanks, osama, because of you i couldnt see the fishies.
we caught the monorail around darling harbour and got off in the city where we had a starbucks coffee and american baked cheesecake. that was niiiiiiice. we also had burger king the day before and that was nice too :) i had onion rings, havent had them in a while. anyway, we got some cds and shoes and some touristy things and then we had to catch a taxi to the airport.
on the plane we got ceaser salad and a tiny baby coke. we also got to watch kath and kim, and it was an episode we hadn't seen so that was cool. ken was trying to make a comemorative wedding sausage and kim had to help sharon play netball, but she gave up and kath won the game for them. then there was tom jones in concert. he was singing with the girl from catatonia. she's cute.
the boys were beautiful when we got to the airport. all smiles and cuddles and i love yous and i missed yous. good babies.
xander asked with perfect manners and hilariously huge eyes if he could have mcdonalds for tea so we had to say yes. and then they went to bed when we got home.
today we've just been putting our stuff away and doing the grocery shopping. matts taken xander to go yabbying and fishing right now and eli is watching the tweenies.
i think thats all for my trip. i'm sure i'll remember something else, but i'll let you know.

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