Thursday, November 14, 2002

i wrote my letter for my court appearance, which i wont be going to

to the registrar of the court,
i am sorry that i drove my car when it wasnt registered.
i have always paid my registration in advance until this time when it had elapsed by about a week.
i was worried about not having the money and not paying the registration, so i did not drive my car until the following pay week when i arranged for a babysitter to look after my baby and toddler. i then went to the bank to withdraw the money to pay my registration on the day our pay went in.
the policeman stopped me with my registration papers in my hand as he was watching another unregistered car parked near mine. he checked my registration and then proceded to tell me that i was irresponsible and that i need to get my priorities in life right.
this is the first time anything like this has ever happened to me. i am a responsible person, but have been struggling with post natal depression for some time now, and i was so focused on getting the overdue bill paid that i didnt even think about the consequences of driving the 3kms to pay my registration after my car had been off the road.
after the policeman let me go, i went to see my councellor, mary morriss at noarlunga health village. she wasnt there, but another lady was and she talked to me and calmed me down because i had been crying and was very upset.
she then drove me to the bank and to the registrar of motor vehicles to pay my registration. then she drove me back to my car and i went home.
i am very thankful to the people at the health village for helping me.
my partner and i are raising our young family on a low income and all our utility bills are organised to be paid in installments. not a week goes by when i dont have a bill to pay.
i ask that you please consider a lenient penalty, or perhaps even a warning, when judging my case. if the fine is beyond my means, could we please organise a payment plan.
i hope that this letter is sufficient. my councellor recommended writing a letter because she believed that attending the hearing may be too stressful for me and set back my recovery.
again, i am sorry that i did something wrong.

now, i like to think that has enough balance between little girl lost sorryness, doing it hard blue collar workerness, and good manners to get me on the right side of the judge.
my letter from mary will help too, i think.

dear sir/madam,
i am writing to you to ask for leniency when considering carly's offence of driving an unregistered vehicle on september 24th, 2002.
i have been seeing carly in a councelling capacity since the 6th of may 2002. carly was referred by her doctor for severe post natal depression for which he had prescribed anti-depressant medication.
carly has attended 13 sessions at noarlunga health village and has responded well by using motivation and hard work to assist in her recovery. carly has two young children and she and her partner and struggling to manage financially on a low income.
consequently when carly's car was due for registration this was not possible until the following pay period.
thinking clearly and problem solving are difficult for people with depression. carly was unable to think beyond the fact that she needed to register her car and driving to the motor vehicle department seemed to be her only option. consequently carly was on her way to pay the registration fee when she was apprehended.
i have concerns that this charge and associated penalty will cause a significant set back in carly's recovery. i ask that you consider my request for leniency.

wahoo mary, you rock :)

well, wish me luck, i'll let you know what happens

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