Thursday, November 21, 2002

he wrote her a 90 verse sonnet
i struggle with a haiku

There's no other place we should be
So where your hand ends my hand starts
We're fugitives in the funpark
Where your hand ends my hand starts
We're fugitives in the funpark
Where your hand starts my hand ends
You promised that we'd always be the best of friends
You said we'd never be the worst of friends

ok, i am in love with darren ahnlon, bree van ryke and frida ekland.

last night i saw darren hanlon. he just gets better and better everytime i see him, and i fall in love with bree more and more everytime too. shes just so cute. i got to talk to darrens girlfriend frida too for ages while i waited for matt. i think he was buying me a cd for christmas. i dont know, but im pretty sure. i spoke to darren about eli wallach, and being in one of his filmclips and asked him if he remembered sean. he said that he did. i laughed. and i told bree that sean thought she was cute. i told darren that i thought bree was cute, heeheee!!! i told frida too and she said that bree is just so beautiful that she doesnt realise how beautiful she is.
what else has been going on...well, i didnt go to yoga this morning cos xander didnt get up till 10:30. eli was up at 8 though. they had a late night. we didnt get home until half past one, i think. then we went to sharyns cos it was coopers birthday last thursday. he liked his presents. i got him a wooden pull along rabbit, a hat with smurfs on it and a tickety toc clock. we took some photos of all the boys together too. cute.
what else what else...oh, we looked through sharyns wardrobe to try and decide what she should wear to the whitlams on friday night. i have to buy some new jeans tonight cos while i was at darren hanlon my zipper broke. hows that for me getting too fat. oh yeah, and i put on my maternity dress this morning and it was too tight around my bum and thighs. whoever says im not getting any fatter is lying.
lying lying lying.
i cant decide what to sing this weekend. im tossing up between title fight : heart vs mind and cast of thousands, both by dazz. matt reckons i should sing one of my songs, probably every girl in every school. i dunno yet. im practising all of them. maybe i'll just make up my mind when i get there.
i'll let you all know how i go.
oh, i ran into my uncle graham last week. i havent seen him for a couple of years and before that it was only for about 5 minutes at christmas. he and his wife are the sort of people who just dont turn up to family things. anyway, i saw him at target. i just stared at him until he looked at me. matt left me to do it on my own cos he said he didnt want any part of my shenanigans. he may not have said shenanigans, but i like the word. so graham looks at me and he stares for a while, then the memories hit him and he says, 'oooh' and i say, 'hi, do you remember me?' and he says 'i do actually'.
after we buy our things we talked a bit and i said, 'you know i have two kids now, dont you?' and he gives me a kiss and says congratulations and that poppa told him. i said, yeah, he's 18 months old now. you should have seen his face. aaaah, fun. then he says, 'yeah, ive been busy'. feh

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