Tuesday, November 26, 2002

so, i went into the city on sunday and went for a part in les miserable. i very VERY much doubt that i got it. i was sitting there with everyone else who was talking about the last show they did and how they were supposed to hit a high c and only just made it and listening to the auditions with people singing soprano and tenor and so on, and singing songs from operas and musicals, with a proper score to give to the pianist.
i went in with basically no musical experience, with no music for the pianist, with a song that they'd never heard before, by a guy they'd never heard of. i sang a verse and a half before they stopped me.
i very muchdoubt i will be in les mis.
then yesterday i drove in a storm to hindmarsh into basically the same situation except the people were nicer. the mikado would be cool to do, and they didnt seem to mind that i already had commitments to another play. at least they let me sing the whole song. i dont know of that was a good thing or not cos my voice was so shakey. they were nice though and said that they'd let me know in about a week how i went. i had to shuffle like a japanese lady. that was fun at least.
my car doesnt like the rain. i conked out many times on the way home and got beeped at by nasty people driving past me. my car stopped at some traffic lights and i had to push it around the corner in the rain. luckily a man ran back to help me. i drove home through the back streets near my grandparents houses just incase i stopped again, but i was ok. i dont know what its problem is. it either has to go fast or it gets shitty and stops. i was driving along at 10 miles an hour last night, trying to make it across an intersection before the lights turned. stupid car. and i went through a red light cos i was scared to stop cos i didnt think id get going again. stupid car.
anyone want to buy a car? its really cool, no problems, a joy to drive and all that stuff.....going relatively cheap. its a classic, umm...yeah

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