Friday, November 08, 2002

there are friends of the family that we have called barry and louise. they have three kids, jena, darcy and lachlan. we've known them since brett started school with jena and then aaron went to school with darcy. barry and louise FINALLY broke up after so many years of him being a complete and utter bastard to her. he apparently told her to leave not long after midnight one night and had a locksmith in by 2am to change the locks. anyway, jena and louise are looking for a house since barry kicked them out, and barry took the boys on a camping trip. the first thing both mum and i thought of was that we were never going to see the boys again. yep, abduction. thats so the thing barry would do too, wanker. he has a lot to lose, with his business and all, but i can still see him taking the kids just to get back at louise.
apparently he used to call mum in the early hours of the morning, drunk, and say that louise was asleep so she could come over for a fuck. yes, very romantic.
i'll let you know if the boys come back

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