Wednesday, November 06, 2002

im hurting today. i think after walking all weekend, then swimming for and hour and a half yesterday, my body has given up and reached its limitations. i think i can hear it saying, 'what the hell are you doing to me? you think you can all of a sudden start exercising after 24 years of sitting on your bum making it fatter and fatter...' this is where i cut it off and say the reason i am exercising is BECAUSE ive been sitting on my bum getting fatter and fatter for 24 years. volunteering to be the marker for the goals with sharyn while the rest of your class plays soccor is not a sport.
i couldnt fit into my swimming shorts yesterday. i only wore them earlier this year and they fitted fine. i also watched a video of me from about 1995. i look so much happier and healthier. i need to stop eating crap.
so, what im going to do today is just take it easy on the exercise side of things. i've done it for 5 days straight, so i think my body deserves a little recouperation time. and then i'll get back into it tomorrow.
the whitlams were on roy and hg last night. seeing them made me want to get my arse into gear, literally. it's only 24 days to go!!!

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