Tuesday, November 12, 2002

it's been raining all morning and i am so hot. i have all the fans on, the windows open and im naked and i'm still hot.
last night i all of a sudden got all exercisey and went down to the gym and did aqua aerobics. it's really cool, i'm gonna go back. it was hard work. hard continous work for 45 minutes. but i enjoyed it. i think i may be a bit allergic to the chlorine they use there, cos my legs were itchy and spotty, but i'll go back again and see how it goes. maybe my body just needs to get used to moving around so vigorously in those conditions.
in about 5 hours i will be at karlies house anticipating a very awkward time. i told sharyn that i wont be joining in as much as she probably hopes, but i will stand by her on things that i believe as well. i really dont know exactly what she thinks will come of this. she's looking for closure, but i dont think she'll get what she wants. mum was saying that there was this girl who loved on her street when she was little and they went to school together from the start, and were friends until after i was born. her name was glenda, she was friends with my mum and all her sisters, and one day she stopped hanging out with them. apparently it had something to do with something that my aunty meredith supposedly said, but noone knows what it is. meredith has even called her up since and asked her and she still doesnt get a straight answer. i have a feeling that thats whats gonna happen here.
i'll let you know how we go

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