Friday, November 15, 2002

Being infested with problems in your life.

You. Each part of the house represents aspects of your personality and/or body. The basement would be the place for secrets or things you keep hidden. The top of the house (such as the attic) represents your head, intellect or thoughts. The bedroom is your true self. A home also represents security or safety from the world's harm, as well as your sense of family. A house that is not in good condition means your body or mind is, in some sense, in a similar condition, perhaps through sickness.

Lounge room
Being sociable; how you get along with others and the centre of your self.

Maternal instinct and wanting unconditional love. May also symbolise a small idea you have, or a "baby" theory you have come up with, depending on your dream

Black people
Your gut instincts; what your intuition tells you; basic needs such as love, water, food.

Famous person
Desire for attention; the qualities of the famous person that you see or wish to see in yourself.

interpret away, my friends

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