Tuesday, November 19, 2002

i did some more christmas shopping over the weekend. went to marion, and to the markets, and burned some cds for sharyn. not much else really.
i did find some auditions in the paper though, and i've called them to make my audition times. i'm still waiting for a call back for one. i'm auditioning for les miserable, the mikado and a midsummer nights dream. i'll be happy with any part in any of those.
holly sent me an addy for a blog with heaps of quizzes, so, if you are at all interested, you can check them out at quizzland. also, theres apparently been about 100 people looking at meandering, could one of you make a comment or something? so i at least know that one of those 100 visitors is real and not just the counter people bumping up my numbers so i feel good.

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