Wednesday, November 13, 2002
you really all should have been there, although i'm sure there would have been some sort of all in brawl if you were. part of me still cant believe that it actually happened, but the rest of me says, well, you really couldnt expect much more.
so, i went to sharyns yesterday afternoon. she was nervous. i kept reminding her that she didnt have to do it, that she could just get her negatives and go, and she said that she'd see how it all panned out.
when we pulled up into the driveway was when i started to get nervous. i really didnt know what to expect.
we knocked on the door, and her brother justin answered. justin used to be this huge scary thing with afro hair that grunted at us and wore the same clothes all the time. now he was really nice, sweet even, and invited us in and asked us how we were going. he said that karlie was upstairs, so we headed up. we could hear her vaccuuming, and as we walked up the stairs, sharyn was calling out, 'hello.....knock knock!!!...'. we got to the top of the stairs, and walked into her room. she didnt stop vaccuuming. sharyn said, 'hi, i'm here to get my negatives'. karlie turned the vaccuum off, handed her the negatives without looking at her, and said, 'here, take them' then started vaccuuming again. sharyn and i stared at each other. i said, 'well, what do you want to do?' she said she wasnt going to leave until she checked that they were all there, and one was missing.
from now on, sharyn will be written in italics

'they arent all here, theres one missing'
'thats all i have'
(still vaccuuming)
'well, they arent all here, and i need them'
'i dont have anymore'
(still vaccuuming)
'im not just doing this to bug you, i need them'
'what is your problem!?'
'i told you, i dont have anymore of your negatives!'
'not with the negatives, with me! what have i done to make you hate me so much? have i offended you in some way?'
(rolling eyes and vaccuuming)'just dont worry about it'
'no, but i do worry about it, i want to know what i've done to make you act this way, we used to be really close and now you cant even be bothered'
'just get lost'
'get lost? thats real mature. come on, lets go'
meanwhile i am just standing there speachless. i cannot believe how rude she is. she doesnt even give us the courtesy of turning off the vaccuum and that makes us have to yell even more. it could have possibly been a civilised conversation but we were forced into yelling cos of her
'you're just such a bitch' sharyn starts walking down the stairs, i am still staring at karlie in disbelief
(still vaccuuming but looking at me with a stupid little smirk) 'tell me something i dont know'
i give her a 'i have no words to describe what just happened/you need to be in a psych ward' kind of look and turn to go down the stairs.
as we are going down the stairs
have a good life...or a bad one that line actually made me laugh

so we get downstairs and justin comes up to us all concerned and asks us what happened, and if we talked to her. i said we tried but she wouldnt turn the vaccuum off. he said that was why he came out, cos he wasnt sure what happened. i have a feeling he knows something cos when sharyn said to him that she just doesnt know what her problem is, he said, that she's under a lot of stress at the moment, but that he didnt think she had a problem with her, exactly. i understand that she's under stress. her mum has diabetes really bad and is living in hospital now, but before that, karlie was her full time carer. but i said, and justin agreed, that what i thought she would need right now is friends, since she only has her boyfriend. he said to kep trying, but sharyn said it wasnt worth it to her anymore. we dont deserve to be treated like that. he looked pretty disappointed but seemed to understand. he walked us to the door, and put his arm around sharyn and said to keep trying.
sharyn was shaking, i was just speachless.
we got in the car and just sat there. then a whole lot of 'what a bitch!'es came out and we drove back to sharyns. this all took about 5 minutes, you see. so we went inside and told rory and he couldnt believe it either. i said i was so close to punching her when she smirked at me, and he said he reckons he would have if he was there. he was a bit worried cos he thought she'd pull a knife on us or something.
part of me wants to go back there and try and sort things out. but i dont know if i can be bothered. i dont want to risk her yelling at me and making everything worse. i feel sorry for her cos of her mum and cos she has no friends, but she's not doing a good job of trying to make any. i guess she doesnt want them. i dunno.
but there you go, thats what happened. i havent spoken to sharyn yet, but we're supposed to be going shopping together on monday so im sure that will be the hot topic for the day.

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