Thursday, November 28, 2002

i went to the readthrough for midsummer nights dream last night. there are no good looking boys. there's one cute girl, and she gets to be a faerie, but she's not that good. anyway, my point is, i dont judge people by their looks, but i would prefer to kiss someone who was attractive. that's right, i said kiss. there is a possibility of a kissing scene between me and demetrius. he looked at me afterwards with this gross little grin and said, 'this should be fun'. i was very sure to show him my family pics i had in my purse.
i have a lot of lines

i found the whitlams tickets. they were in my calendar. most people who knew me would think, of course they wer ein your calendar, carly, everything goes there. well thats right, everything does go there, but it goes in the corresponding month and this was put in september of last year. also, matt put my calendar away in my computer cupboard and when we found it, it was sitting on the kitchen table.


i called deidre today and i finally have an appointment. the 6th of feburary. yep, next year.


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