Monday, July 18, 2005


the trouble is, he wrote back and it was exactly what i thought he would write. and now he's flown off and is spending a romantic week away. a second thought of me? i dont think so.

finish it off with some advice about going for the library boy. well, thats all well and good. why dont i go for someone i dont like that way, should be fine. we've had this conversation. i told you. i told you how i should have stayed and pretended for the rest of my life. stayed away from you. pretended what i felt wasnt there. that way, you see, i wouldnt hurt anyone.

but you would hurt you, you said

the thing is though, its hurting me now. you're closer than you have been in a month and you've never felt so far away. and i know for certain now that there is a less than zero chance of anything happening with us, let alone of me even catching a glimpse of you why cant i just give up? why cant i say to myself, its ok, i dont need someone to share part of my life with.

why did that part of my heart give the nod and come out with that word.

stupid word

all it does is hurt people, as much as it makes them feel good

bye simon

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