Sunday, July 17, 2005


i just heard a song on the raido and i was very sure the girl said 'have you seen my cyst?' and i was thinking, what an odd thing to ask and to be singing about. then i figured out she meant sister. uhuh

so, friday night. if any of you out there havent seen sarah blasko, i reccommend doing anything within your power to do so right now. actually, if you need to go 'without' your power, go right ahead and do it because seeing this girl perform is of the utmost importance and should be on all your to do lists. she's definatley on my to do list, mehehe

vicki and ember picked me up and we all drove to fowlers in the city. it was quite full already when we got there, but we met up with sharyn and kirsty and managed to find a couple of couches upstairs to sit down and talk.
ember went to find a friend of hers and quite soon after that vicki decided she needed to go find ember, aka, find something interesting to do, and left sharyn, kirsty and i to chat away. it was good to catch up with kirsty again. i dont think ive spoken to her properly in over a year. the last time i saw her, i was serving a customer and she had her mouth full of food so all we could do was wave to each other. she and tim have been together for 10 years. wow.

we sat for a while until i saw him. cute library boy had walked up the stairs, looked around, and walked back down again. after some initial prompting from kirsty and sharyn, i ventured downstairs and said hi. he seemed pleased to see me and we had a good talk. he's scottish and he's been in adelaide for 8 years, plays drums and is learning guitar. not too bad at all.

we watched a bit of straight to video who were pretty cool. quite experimental with a lot of instrumental songs. they were good at what they did. i dunno if i could watch a whole set...maybe i need a cd to listen to, to get to know the songs first. still, they were entertaining.

78 saab were great. really rocking and had some nice acoustic moments. their percussion/keyboard player has, without a doubt, the best hat in rock and roll. i wonder if i can find a pic. i'll go look.
nice hatit looks like nothing you can buy. almost like he grabbed a piece of stiff white material, fashioned it into some sort of cowboy hat shape, and attached it to his head with a black band. the photo doesnt do it any justice. its pulled so far down in the front, he has to lean all the way back to see anything. and it looks like a flat skinny arse on top of his head. fashion!

sarah blasko


i really dont hink i ca write about her, as what i say will in no way, show you how brilliant, talented and beautiful she is. she has the most amazing voice, is super cute, and dances all over the place. the rest of her band were really good too, and the samples that made up some of the songs were exo.

after we were all transported to neverland by the beauty that is miss sarah blasko, sharyn, kirsty, james an i went looking for coffee. if you are ever in adelaide looking for coffee, i in NO WAY WHATSOEVER reccommend australias pizza house on hindley street. the girl had no idea. we ( when i say we, i mean me................................and then sharyn and kirsty) were handed out cakes/slices with no cutlery. and when we asked she had this odd look on her face like, fork? you want a whatnow?. we ended up getting a small plastic spoon each that was pointless against the slices, but worked well with my baked lemon cheesecake. we all eventually got our drinks too, after a very long wait. james and i had a cappicino each which was luke warm, and shazz and kirsty got a hot chocolate which kirsty couldnt finish on acount of its grossness.

australian pizza house on west terrace and on...whatever other street it is, on the east side of the city, make good pizza, garlic bread, and im told, vegemite damper. they are not the place to go if you want coffee of any drinkableness.

james walked us to the car and i git a hug and a kiss on the cheek. say it with me, oooOOOOoooo

now all i have to do is actually like him that way

again, it is entirely too cold to be sitting here in my new size 12 skirt. did i mention it was a size 12? its a size 12. go me

im off to make some soup, sit down, and enjoy mary poppins all by myself

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