Thursday, July 21, 2005

the crap, the ...oh, and the yay

so a few things happened today. i was talking to janine on the phone and she said someone form my work was bitching and comlaining about me today. feh on her, i say! apparently she is the kind of person to take the smallest thing you've done, blow it out of proportion and take it to management as a complaint. she sucks arse. theres the crap

the ...oh, was when vicki and i went to wendys and the boy who served me (his badge said jam Ez) said 'i think i saw you in a play over at the theatre' and i said, 'you probably did..oh, hang on..which one?' and he smiled, and i said, 'it was equus, wasnt it?' and he smiled and said yeah it was, but that he thought it must have taken a lot of courage to get up there and do what i did, and that it was really good.

now, you may think that was the yay, but it wasnt. the yay was that he put extra choc mint aero bar on my thickshake cos i asked so nicely*

*and maybe cos he'd seen me naked, who knows

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