Saturday, July 23, 2005

stolen from adrian

5 snacks I enjoy

cereal, chocolate, cheese and crackers, toast, custard penis

5 songs I know the words to even w/out the music

most beatles, lemonheads, nirvana, you am i, and candle record bands.

i could also probably sing you the entire wish album by the cure. i used to imagine going to a cure concert and having them play wish from beginning to end. that would be amazing

5 games I like

spider solitaire, nature park on my mobile, mah jong quest, banjo kazooie, baulderdash (actually a board game, personalised nose armour, bwaahahahaha)

5 albums that changed my life

sound as ever,hi fi way,hourly daily-you am i, nevermind-nirvana, certain candle records albums,

5 things I would buy w/one Thousand Dollars

jeans that fit me, socks, someone to clean my house, dvds, cds

My top 5 guilty pleasures

sleep, books, internet, mint areo bars, a feel good iced coffee everytime i go grocery shopping

5 top musicians lately (who's in the cd player)

anthony atkinson, elliott smith, lucksmiths, candle sampler, brendan benson

Top 5 locations I would like to run away to

melbourne, tasmania, copenhagen, port willunga, sleep

5 things I would never wear

paul (aaaahahahahaha, sure does!), those ridiculous pants bottoms, you know, ravers wear them. am i a raver? no. oh i dont know. i didnt think id wear a skirt over pants but i have. how about socks and thongs

5 TV shows I like

criminal intent, well, all the law and orders, all saints, queer as folk, myth busters, love is a four letter word (bring it back, abc!!!!!)

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