Saturday, July 09, 2005

see me?

i'm zooming from page to page, clicking anywhere i want and its all keeping up (until my computer froze, but its crap so we just say crapo! and move on) but see me? my computer is finally keeping up with the speed of my clicks. i've opened all the adelaide blogs on my links list and it hasnt died yet. oh so speedy

broadband, i love you

i went out after work and saw peaking in tongues with vicki, kirsty and her lesbian lover annie. annie's cute. she's not really a lesbian, but dont you worry your pretty little heads about that. as soon as i got home i turned my computer on and loaded up the broadband that i have been waiting weeks to arrive because silly people cannot follow deliver instructions.

i love it

im such a nerd

somebody call me, i can talk to you *and* be online at the same time

speaking in tongues was realy good. it was the stage version of lantana and i loved the movie so i had a feeling i would like theplay, if it was acted well, and it was.

we had tea at cafe bon journo on the way. the waitress stabbed me with a knife and said 'it wasnt me'. hehehe. she was cute

and tonight we're going to see the taming of the shrew at burnside. it'll be good to see everyone again. lochie said about half the cast is from midsummers

ugh. someone has parked their car across the road from mine and is listening to bad *bad* dance music. tell it i hate it

well, it says its 12:46 on my computer which means ive been up for all of 46 minutes, so i might go back to bed. today is the only day of the week where i can do absolutely anything i want to and i dont have to worry about picking this person up or going to work or anything like that. the cats have been fed and now they're chasing each other around the table so they'll be happy for a while.
i have the lemony snickett books 6, 7 and 8 and i'm going to read them

cheerio and tata

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