Sunday, July 24, 2005

not a harlott

i got a phone call from harry last night.harry he'd like me to come round to his house for a reading tomorrow night and to read for the part of kitty in opus' new production of charleys aunt.

'it might be a bit of a stretch for you though, you'll have to work hard'
'um, ok' see, i'd read a summary and it seems like a walk in the park. a very proper, english park where i'd be walking with my chaperone and the birds would be singing most prettily.
'yes, she's actually a very nice girl, not a harlot at all'

paulaaaaaahahaha, you're so funny harry. so to keep up that whole persona, when i found out i'd be playing against nathan:
'i was hoping for another guy cos i've already kissed nathan. i wouldnt mind adding to my list of boys' this one, for instance

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