Sunday, July 03, 2005

de ja who?

as you would have read below, i have already written this post and it disappeared when my computer fucked itself with a stick with nails in it. i will attempt to rewrite what i wrote earlier.


so i made it home in one piece. i was sure macdonalds opened at 5 am but perhaps thats just because i wanted a coffee and knew i wouldnt be bothered making one when i got home, and knew i couldnt be bothered getting out of the car to get one from the servo.

i sat in enigma for about half an hour when i first got to the city. supermild was still 21sting and it was warm there. also i was looking for adrian since i knew he'd be there seeing the hardons. instead of finding adrian, i looked around and was suddenly transported into bizarro de ja vu world. it was like i was at bands again, but everyone was about 8 years older. all these faces i recognised, just older, with shorter hair and a bit more grown up. instead of dreadlocks there were mowhawks. instead of underaged surfer girls there were goths. instead of hearing the sounds of waves crashing, i heard cars trolling down hindley street.

after i settled myself into a comfy lounge at supermild, and started on my watermelon/cranberry/some sort of alcohol concoction, i was messaged by noranna, saying she couldnt make it. so i said, ok then, and 5 minutes later she called and said she was coming. hooray! and who should turn up just after noranna, but daniel.

the three of us spent a nice night chatting about the fact that all three of us want someone we cant have. and funnily enough, these three cant haves have all, in one way or another, given the suggestion that they do have some sort of feelings for us. stupid cant haves. you're all not fair. apart from bitching about things we cant have, we looked at breasts.

so i finally met noranna after standing behind her at darren hanlon and not realising it. i also met jessie and dj craig and got a couple of lovely messages from kent. you promised, remember kent? next time you'll be dancey dancey with us, ok?

dancey dancey supermildpoor little jessie was one of the cute girls in this photo. she said she was scared of the boys. see the boys? they are so indie. arent they so indie? look at them. just look at them, will you?! you can just see them air guitaring to jet and the strokes, flicking their hair and then straightening it again. so indie. wow

she should not worry about the indie boys, for they were silly little boys who only knew about drinking beer and air guitaring, not how to pleasure a woman the way she needs. although, i have it on good authority the one with the black t shirt pashed 4 girls in one hour. that must be some sort of record. kinda like seven with one blow.

so that was my account of last night. not as good as the first time i wrote it, but when a piece of wood with nails in it wants to have sex with you, you kinda have to bend over and take it.

thanks to noranna for hanging out with me, it was nice to meet you at last. thanks to dj craig for a great night, and for playing the lemonheads even though no one really knew how to dance to it. thanks to kent for making me smile with cute messages. and thanks to adrian for thinking im sweet even though i didnt find you. you should give me your number *wink* *

* in a really non creepy way

p.s. would you look at my hair? its very red. go me

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