Thursday, July 07, 2005

things you may or may not know about me

a lot of people have a 100 things section on their blogs. im sure i could write down 100 things about me. i know stuff about me. well, some stuff anyway. but im not going to write 100 things, just enough until my hands get too cold and i have to go to bed

*i just ate 6 mini milky way bars
*i find going to the toilet very boring and will take something with me pretty much everytime. generally i'll play nature park on my phone
*i have 2 gmails accounts but can only access 1
*i am currently wearing pyjama pants with feet
*i know of someone called brooke who is completely delusional
*i always fall for people i cant have
*i want vincent d'onofrio (you knew that? its common knowledge? oooh, he told you about us, didnt he? he's so cute, cant keep it to himself :P)
*i steal quite often
*generally things i dont really need
*i can never explain what it is i need
*i have trouble remembering certain words. i would tell you what they are but i've forgotten
*sleeping is my favourite thing to do
*laying in bed and reading and being able to fall asleep and wake up and start reading again whenever i want is another of my favourite things
*amelie is my favourite film at the moment
*my favourite film could change at any moment
*my fingers are getting really cold
*my mum once designed a pair of gloves that she called mouse mittens that kept your hands warm while on the computer, they were thin enough that you could still type. she even went so far as to speak to the patent place. she never did anything about it
*i could really do with some mouse mittens right now
*or more cats, since the two places on my lap under my two cats are very warm
*there are some people i wish i could shake some sense into
*i am one of those people
*there are some songs that i wish i could play to people and they would just...get it
*i dont know what *it* is, maybe its one of those words i can never remember

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