Thursday, July 21, 2005


i though the kids were dealing really well with the break up of me and personwhosnameimustnevermention. e had become a little clingy and extra excited to see the other parent, but that was ok to deal with. x was quite excited and said that there were a few kids in his class who had two houses to live in, so he and these other kids were kind of in a gang. i remember when my mum and dad split up and we had to write our 'on the weekend' stories every monday morning, i would write that i went to dad and 'aunty' lyn's house. not dad and his new girlfriend. im sure my teachers knew what i meant, or else they would have wondered why my father was spending a lot of time with my aunty. i tried to hide it, i dont know that i was ashamed...maybe just a little worried what people would think. but x seems fine with that, talking to his friends about it and seeming pretty happy

then yesterday marc told me that he had x at vacation care with him, and some kids asked him how he knew marc. x got flustered and said that marc was his mum, and then got really embarrassed. personwhosnameimustnevermention and marc have tried talking to him since then but he just clams up and gets defensive, saying he just forgot for a little while and that he knows who his mum is.

im waiting till he asks me who his dad is at my house.

im going to have to be really careful about who i bring home and when, even if its all above board and friends, it might mess with x's brain too much and he's such a sensitive boy as it is, i couldnt bear causing him any more pain

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