Monday, February 20, 2006


any of you who got to read my post about valentines day/botanical gardens/josh pyke/garden of unearthly delights/sex shop/deep fried mars bars/dollshouse garage sale/watermelon bags etc, you are a small crowd. blogger spazzed out and lost anything that was published in those few hours, and that post was one of the things.

im not writing it again

it was long and took ages. if you really wanna know, just ask me

so instead, i'll press shuffle on my itunes and tell you the 10 songs that play
  • shifting sands - anthony atkinson
  • different names for the same thing - death cab for cutie
  • the loneliness of a middle distance runner - belle and sebastian
  • kissing the lipless - the shins
  • move on - mike doughty
  • we'll live free (in NYC) - clue to kalo
  • baby boomerang - the shins
  • the invention of ordinary everyday things - the lucksmiths
  • flown - machine translations
  • this dies over distance - clue to kalo

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