Thursday, February 02, 2006


im home sick from work today. just incase you're wondering, shakes+hot+cold+needing to wee+not much wee coming out+achey+sleepy+almost kinda maybe vomiting=urinary infection. so im on antibiotics and ive been told to drink 'lots lots lots lots lots lots lots, and i mean lots of water'. i have to call back in a couple of days to find out if im on the right medication which worries me slightly. i just hope im ok for tomorrow.

so, to take your mind off of my wee, or lack there of, go look here. just scroll past the axles, gears and whathaveyou, and check out the escher and mathematical stuff. its all pretty fucken cool. if anyone has a spare few hundred dollars, they could get me this lego that i used to have when i was little

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