Sunday, February 19, 2006

part deux, section b

there were a few parts of the last few days which i forgot to tell you about. the first being that on thursday night i managed to get lost. yes lost. in adelaide, i hear you ask? yes, i answer. arent adelaides roads pretty much laid out in a grid formation, therefore making it virtualy impossible to get lost? yes, i answer again.

after watching the film in the botanical gardens, instead of turning right onto hackney road and driving home the way i came, i made the decision to turn left because of my fear of crossing over main roads.

this was my first mistake

somehow i ended up near regency road, then upon asking a guy at the traffic lights, we found out 'the port' was way back towards the city. i always get lost in that area. if it gives you any idea of how far i drove, i used almost a quarter of a tank. go me!

i am very certain that there is a black hole/timewarp sort of deal going on around that area. its the third time ive gotten lost out there. never.driving.out.there.again

the second that happened was on saturday while kirsty and i were looking for a park at marion. we were waiting behind another car with its indicator on, who was waiting for a parked car to leave. you with me? we had our indicator on as well, as we were waiting for another car to pull out so we could park there, afterthe car infront of us had gone into that park. still with me? excellent. while we were waiting another car drove up from the other side. kirsty and i simultaneously yelled out 'NO!!!' and shook our fists in frustration. kirsty beeped the horn a little and they got the message. that'll learn ya. when we got out there was a family walking past the car, the dad said something along the lines of 'i thought that mercedes was going to steal your park' and i told him that we both had yelled pretty loud so that was probably what saved us. his wife remarked on the way in that he'd better not mess with us. too right, sheila.

thirdly, part of a horoscope email that insists on coming to my inbox every day even though ive unsubscribed;

Gird up your loins and get to it

im not so sure of the meaning of that, so i think i'll just leave my loins ungirded for now

and lastly, JOSH PYKE EMAILED ME!!!!!!!!!

oh yeah, who's cool? why, that would be me

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