Wednesday, February 08, 2006

dont throw them away!

when i was in year 10, it was 1992. i would regularly wear my hair in plaits and wear corduroy pants to school. for a while, i was happily overlooked and left to wander around from class to class, enjoying my own friends and rarely being spoken to by anyone else.

in 1993, that all began to change. in 1993, melissa george hit summer bay and started dressing like me. ok, so i didnt wear the make up, and i also didnt have the boobs, but according to my class, the only reason i woreth clothes that i did, was because i wanted to be like angel from home and away

i would generally make a face like this and continue to write cure lyrics in my diary

the reason im talking about 1993? well, just like it did in 1993, plaits and cords and all things boho, is back. you all know that. its a tad hard not to see that


wouldnt you lik eto know whats gonna be in next, according to some thing that i read in rip it up?

bubble skirts
high waisted pants
stirrup pants, look, heres a gallery

apparently the late 80's early 90's is gonna be the next big thing. i really dont see myself wearing fluro, do you? but as i wasnt wearing it when it first came around, i guess its safe for me to say i wont be wearing it this time

i'd really like to find a picture of someone wearing black stretchy pants, a reeeeaaaally long jumper (this can either be woollen or with some ridiculous picture on the front, lets say, cats in a basket), some slouchy socks over the top of the leggins, and some kung fu shoes. can we all please take a look at this photo and imagine her, less attractive, and with bleached blonde hair with black regrowth?

yuhuh, good luck world

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