Sunday, February 12, 2006

lying in advertising

i dont think any of you would understand the excitement i experienced when seeing tonights ad for law and order criminal intent

i was getting my goran back

sure, according to the ad, i'd have to share the screen time with mr big. thats ok. i know that vincent collapsed a few times during filming. he's exhausting himself, he deserved a bit of a rest. he was in basically every scene in the other criminal intent series, im sure he would have welcomed the break

but do you think he was in the opening credits? aaaah,that would be a no
perhaps he was a special guest star? babow
maybe he just sticks his sexy little face in for a second? wrong again, idiot

dear channel 10,
i am mad at you for your false advertising. to get my vagina tingling for no reason is very mean
i want detective goran!
and while you're at it, could you please bring back young talent time?


love carly

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