Thursday, February 02, 2006


tom's asleep in my room. im awake out here because ive had an arguement with personwhosnameimustnevermention and now i cant sleep. when i say arguement, i mean, he said something mean, on purpose, and when i questioned it, he wasnt sorry. so i hung up. then swore at him in 160 characters.

so now im awake and out here when i should be asleep and in there storing energy for the bigness and outness of tomorrow. i need to buy water and fruit, and decide whether to overcome my fear of the train or drive, dress or jeans and a much to do

ive started writing a post about the hottest 100 in response to the surly boys comment. i'll finish and post it soon, just like the rest of bevis' cd review. it'll happen. these things take time. hold your horses. patience is a virtue. all those sayings, you know what i mean

my boobs are really heavy today

thirsty. yep. thirsty.


really wish i could sleep. that'd be good. this time tomorrow night im gonna be so fucking tired. i wish you am i were playing, that'd be good. i cant wait to see this lovely lady again. photographed by sexy sexy sex dream boy, daniel boud

excuse me, but what the fuck is wrong with my computer? my mouse is highlighting back-to-front, everything is loading slowly even though i signed up for a new, faster, expensiver, never run out of bytes plan that started on wednesday? pissed off much? well, i was already, but now even more so.

whinge and whine, sorry, forever stroppy and all that....oh!

x lost a tooth. i've got a photo but i cant get to it right now, will post soon though. nothing i like better than being woken up to look at a fleshy hole

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