Monday, February 06, 2006

big day out

so, was anyone else a little disappointed by this years big day out? i mean, i still had a great time. saw some good bands, saw people i havent seen in years, and i only got a little strip of sunburn, but comparing it to other years ive been to, there werent many bands that rocked my socks.

the day started off quite nicely. kirsty came to pick tom and i up and we drove via foodland and the fruit shop to the showgrounds. there were lots of people walking, but as far as line ups go, there was nothing. straight in. even got given a free mini can of coke zero.

the thing with the coke zero though, was that as soon as i got to the bag check, even though the can wasnt open, it was taken away by the grumpy looking security guard and added to the pile of mini coke zeros. as i protested, he said 'im just following the rules' and behind him in all the other lanes, people were walking in drinking mini cans of coke zero. just following the rules my arse. you just had a hankering for 400 mini cans of coke zero.

also, my three unopened bottles of water were questioned. one per person, apparently. so tom held one and the girl behind me held one and we walked through the gate.

how the people with the beer bong got it it, i'll never know

immediately after our bags were sorted though we were told to 'move behind the line' even though we hadnt finished putting everything back. everyone was in such a hurry.

i managed to catch the last song and a half of little ice age who i enjoyed. i also saw a bit of faker, sleater-kinney, gerling and end of fashion. i really enjoyed the couple of songs the go team played. that girl can dance dance dance. the kings of leon were actually pretty boring and i was surprised because i've always read good reviews of them. it looked like the fans were enjoying them though, so im glad they had a good time.

i got to see no through road for the first time and matt was as full of himself as i was expecting and hoping. it was fantastic. one of the highlites of my day.
sarah blasko was absolutely beautiful, angelic and magical. so very very special.

after a yummy potato and a lay down an a giant inflatable phone, we made our way to the living end and i lost everyone until we all met up again after the white stripes. we did bump into each other intermittantly, and kirsty and i sat together for iggy and the stooges. but mostly we all spent that time by ourselves surrounded by the mosh. its really the best way to experience the big day out though, in your own world, with everyone around you doing the same thing.

im a bit disappointed that i didnt get to silent disco. maybe next year.

another thing that disappointed me was the camera work for the white stripes. i get that jack is the main singer, but with only two of them, surely you could cut to meg a little more often? thats all im saying.

franz ferdinand were franz ferdinand. not that impressive to me, but the fans enjoyed it. really, there werent any bands (apart from sarah blasko) that i was dying to see. hopefully next year.

heres a list of the bands that played, followed by bands i think should play

The Hot Lies
Stolen Youth
No Through Road
Wendy Icon
My Sister the Cop
Little Ice Age
Bit by Bats
DJ Brendan
DJ Beckylove
The White Stripes
Iggy & The Stooges
Franz Ferdinand
Kings of Leon
Henry Rollins
The Mars Volta
2 Many DJs
The Magic Numbers
The Living End
End of Fashion
Dei Hamo
The Go! Team
The Subways
DJ James Murphy
The Greenhornes
Kid Kenobi plus MC Sureshock
Magic Dirt
Cut Copy
Hilltop Hoods
Beasts of Bourbon
The Grates
Youth Group
Wolf & Cub
Sarah Blasko
The Presets
DJ Ajax
DJ John Ferris

next years big day out line up

the shins
kings of convenience
death cab for cutie
the postal service
augie march
archers of loaf
the lemonheads (with nic and david)
you am i
the whitlams
humblebee (mehehe)

hmm, ok, thats all for now. im sure i'll think of more later

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