Wednesday, February 08, 2006

just the way it is

eli has developed a...well, not a fear, but, he's a bit worried about wiping his bum after doing a poo. for the last couple of weeks, 'mum can i please go to the toilet and do a poo and then you wil wipe my bum, ok?' and for a little while i was doing it but then i thought, hang on, he's been doing this himself for a while, whats going on?
so i said no. and he held on for a couple of days until he screamed and writhed on the toilet in pain.

today though, i found out the real reason

eli, sitting on the toilet, screaming, crying, wailing '' (insert the crying and sobbing between each word)
'eli, why cant you wipe your own bum?'
'because i dont know how'
'do you know how to learn something?'
'by trying'
'but it cant'
'why not?'
'because i just know how to play with toys and thats all'

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