Monday, April 09, 2007

today is the last day without medication. it has not been fun. apart from being able to spend my days doing one of my most favourite passtimes; sleeping, there has not been one great thing about this week

but i guess detox was never meant to be fun or easy

i thought i might feel better by now, but no.

i managed to leave the house last night, and as joanna said 'im so proud of you for being awake'. im quite proud of me too, but if its what has contributed to the way im feeling today, im not too sure it was a grand idea.

head is spinning, pounding without pain. my fingers reach for my phone and ive twice let them write the message, only to delete before sending.

boys suck arse

hugs to kym and steve, and much kudos to joanna for boysitting last night. pancakes and walking were a good idea.

hugs to ben for being my friend - lies are not much more fun, grates, sorry to break it to you.

chad - was lovely to see you again. im not sure reading the celestine prophecies is going to fix my head but i'll give it a go anyway


hopefully when i wake it will be tomorrow

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