Sunday, April 01, 2007

my friday night, in a post made as a comment on audreys blog

me, looking rather cute in an orange dress, dancing and minding my own business.
him, dancing 'casually' up to me, looking, staring, walking closer til he's right in my face 'oh! i thought i knew you, sorry'
'thats fine', i say, as i turn away from the engineering student.
'oh, how embarrasing. i really thought i knew you and i just walked right up to you. oh well, we might as well introduce ourselves, i'm luke'
'hello luke', i say, and shake hands
'so whats your name?'
'thats lovely. thats a really nice dress you have on too'
'thankyou' i am attempting to dance away from the boy, but he is dancing me against the wall. he then puts his arm over my shoulder and leans against the wall. he leans in. this is my cue to dodge, duck and weave and come back with my patented 'no boys on fridays!'
also, those bald guys were creepy. did you see the four way pash they had going on with those girls? *shudder*

saturday night? one stage i had three tequila sunrises and was made to dance like pink


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