Wednesday, April 25, 2007

fruit and vegetables

smurfs are measured in apples. they are 3 apples high.

it seems that my progress out of whatever ive been in this last few months, is measured in potatoes.

even as recently as 2 weeks ago, if i was hungry i would make some toast, a bowl of cereal, or more often than not, just go to sleep so i wouldnt be hungry or have to eat. sleep is a great escape, and one i was using more and more as my old medicine slowly wore off. i found i was sleeping almost 20 hours a day, only waking to read a little, check emails, eat/drink a bit, take kids to school. it was the safest, most comforting place for me to be.

now im awake, and im hungry. and i could make toast, and i could have a bowl of cereal. both of those things i have had for breakfast since then. but for dinner?

i cooked potatoes.

ok, they were microwaved, but i still cooked them. and then, the next time, i defrosted bacon, cooked it, cut it up, and added it to my potatoes.

in terms of measuring how far i've come, thats a pretty big step.

today i drove down to bens and did some recording. it was great fun to do that stuff again too.

see you on the weekend

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