Saturday, April 28, 2007

driest state, driest continent

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that is what adelaide looks like today, folks. and ground? best you soak it up and do something with it. im not enjoying the flood in my backyard

i love the rain. i love laying in bed and listening to it. actually, one of my happiest moments in my old house was being snuggled in front of the heater with my cats, watching amelie and having the rain hitting so hard i thought the windows would break. doesnt sound all that soothing, i know, but it was *my* place, my windows, my wintertime

whats not great about it is how last night i misjudged the corner at the servo and burst my tyre, and now my car is sitting out in the rain with one foot off the ground, waiting for someone to help.

you will all be astounded to find out that i actually took everything out of my boot so i could get to my spare tyre. sure, its in a pile on the loungeroom floor, but its out of my car and that is a start.

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