Tuesday, April 17, 2007


what had the potential to be a shithouse weekend turned out to be the bees knees and the cats pyjamas.

friday night started out wonderfully. i met ben in the city and we journied to the wheatsheaf to see two bands i have heard so much about, yet have not had the pleasure of seeing *ever*

i will now categorically state that i am in love with sarah masters and have been since hello minnesota. so last night, seeing her play with her lovely husband aiden in running with horses was such a wonderful thing. the songs make me smile and im just downright happy to see them. even the sadder songs give me a smile, but more a smile of knowing 'yeah, i get it'.
after their set, ben took me over to sarah and she gave me a badge. this also made me smile. chatting to them both at the end of the gig was a delight. this was also made extraspecially more fun by hanging out with pippa. we're gonna start our own library. its gonna be rad.

next up were little ice age, another band ive been itching to see for a long time. for whatever reason, im always either already busy or just have no idea that these two bands are playing and i miss them every time. this wont be happening in the future. if you havent seen little ice age, can you just go and do it please? this band is so good it makes me want to cry.
the drummer...tristan? came and sat with ben and i afterwards and we had a nice chat. i totally have mad crushes on absolutely everyone who played friday night.

so after that, we drove into the city for transmission. $5 and ten minutes later we were told we would be vacating the premesis as some cockface had blocked the toilets.

good one, cockface.

so after leaving ben with his friends i travelled east towards shotz. aaaah, shotz. with its sticky checkered floors and stage just made for falling off. i dont like the stools and tables though. much to high to maneuver yourself up onto whilst drunk. anywho, i took many photos which you can look at over here . lots of dancing, not a huge amount of drinking as i was driving, but i "YAY-GER-BOMB"ed with emma sarah which is always fun. the bald brothers were back, but i didnt like to look at them so i cant tell you if they were with the same girls as last time. i know you're all on the edge of your seats about that. lets just say, if you're on the side of true love, they were. if you love a scandal then *shock horror*, they were trying to eat the faces of two new girls.

i left when my alarm bells rang and drove home using my cruise control as i got a nice letter from the police people saying ive used up half my demerit points. i also managed to get a strawberry thickshake at 330 am, a fact that i know you are all interested in becuse we all know how upset i get when they're already turned off the icecream machines when im on my way home.

on saturday morning i jumped on a plane and flew to melbourne. twas sunny when i left, but when i landed in melbourne airport i was a tad chilly. no matter. i was tired, so all i did saturday afternoon was go back to my hostel to find....


i didnt realise i would be staying in a room with HOT BOYS but let me just say that i wasnt disappointed. pete was from canada, stuart was from england, the tatooed one with the girlfriend, i cant remember where he was from, but he had a girlfriend anyway and i dont play that way.

i stayed here, and this is a photo of what the rooms looked like on the website.

this is what my room looked like.


well, at least it would be if i could get my computer to register that my camera was there.


got it to work! apparently it does make a difference which of the 4 usb cables you use to plug into the computer

anyway. i slept for the rest of the afternoon and later trotted on down to meet kate, hannah and kirsty for dinner and ben kweller. yummy. for both things.

so here is where it could have got messy, but thanks to my absolute coolness and radness, i kept my head screwed on and proceeded to have a fucking awesome night. ben kweller=absolute dreamboat

sunday was spent on brunswick street, having bacon and eggs for breakfast, drinking coffee and snapping up bargains. totally how i'd like to spend the rest of my life.

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