Thursday, April 05, 2007

though it wasnt hard or far, i walked you to your car

oh oh oh

you dont understand. well, perhaps you do. i know of some people who will totally understand...let me explain.

what do these two bands have in common?

its kind of a hard question, but if you were my friend back in high school, you would know that these two bands were the favourite bands of my best friends.

my favourite band at that time? was it pearl jam? was it nirvana? was it something else sufficiantly grunge rock?

it was...the lemonheads

oh. i loved them. i loved them so much. i saved up all my money and bought the video 'two weeks in australia' and i knew it off by heart, even the facial expressions while they spoke, i asked for their tapes for my birthday and christmas. i had books about them and a big laminated poster. evan dando was going to marry me and we were going to live happily ever after, falling down and sleeping in parks together.

and last night he touched my hand.

they played at the gov with poly and the statics last night. im not sure i stopped smiling. i was so happy, that last night i managed to cross a road without needing to hold someones hand. there's proof for you right there. the lemonheads cured my fear! well, while i was still riding a high from seeing them. i got the set list too. not that it was a set list really, more a collection of songs that they played in whatever order took their fancy at the time.

oh. it was so great.

so great

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