Saturday, November 05, 2005

you're it!

so the sexy surlyboy tagged me, and i'll be completing my list soon. i just got back from fish and chips and cricket on the beach with the boys, was really nice.
felt like real summer today, the kind that i like. apparently it'll be raining for the next couple of days and then sunny again.

tom keeps asking where this 'stupidly hot summer' he keeps hearing about, is. well, isnt he going to be pissed off when it gets here. it was 35 today and that was way hot enough for me. i told him to wait until next weekend. it should rain the morning of the christmas pageant, and then not rain again until about april.

i ate twisties today, with the complete knowledge i would have a headache afterwards

i have a headache

bedtime for me, i'll post my 20 things soon

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