Tuesday, November 15, 2005

smiling and shaking my head

man...i really wish i could share these blocked comments with you all...if only i didnt delete them, silly me. they're so full of insightful glimpses into my life and other peoples lives that i am so sure you all need to read about, but unfortunately, i just cant do it anymore. apparently, according to the people i've spoken to, im not allowed to insight the comments. i just have to keep them all filed away and pass them on, which is what im doing.

so, to "all" of you who are commenting....and commenting...and commenting, dont despair. i do read your comments. then i copy them and send them away, and then i delete them. and i do feel all warm and fuzzy inside that you keep coming back...and coming back...and coming back. i must be such a huge part of your life

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