Thursday, November 03, 2005


so, i called the police about my bike and i happened to mention the crappy week i'd been having. like how my brake fluid kept leaking, among other things. for some reason they found this interesting and asked if anything else had happened recently. actually, yeah, someone keeps pulling my lights out of the ground out the front, and there's a new scratch on my car.

they asked me if i could think of anyone who could want to cause me harm in anyway.

was there anything else going on that they should know about?

was there anything strange happening lately?

anything out of the ordinary...perhaps i hadnt thought so at the time, but thinking back...?

and i know, i really had to think....

i mean, they'd need some proof that anything was happening to me, but, where would i get proof that people were acting in any way untoward against me? i mean, would anyone just leave that sort of thing laying around for anyone to see?

i told them i'd get back to them if i could think of anything

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