Tuesday, November 29, 2005

review - part one

track #1 opening: the muppet show theme. suddenly i'm 7 years old. i'm sitting cross legged on my nanna's loungeroom floor and i'm eating only the pink and white from the neopolitan icecream, covered in milo. the muppets have started and im bobbing my head to the music as i eat

track #2 bevis' life motto : dumb things - paul kelly. i fucking love this song. i fucking love paul kelly. so far, fucking excellent cd and i'm only 2 songs in!

track #3 BTTF: back to the future theme. i love this movie. i love this movie. can i say it again? i love this movie. i want to learn to dance how they do at the under the sea ball

track #4 mahna: mahna mahna do doo dododo
i dont think i need to say anymore. except that miss piggy is scary 'kermit...make time

track #5 ode to all us bloggers: we got us - the muppets Why sing a melody as a soliloquy When its more fun to be Harmonizing? *nods and smiles* i love this movie

track #6 take a stand: i am what i am who is this sung by? it sounds like its from a musical? i should get more musicals on cd. yes i should

track #7 wifey: she's so fine - john farnham apart from the fact that its john farnham, its a great song. i was actually singing beatles songs with xans the other day. he sang me golden slumbers before he went to bed. could my son be any cooler? no, i dont think so

track #8 philosophy 101: rainbow connection - kermit aaaaw....i used to have this on record and i have no idea where it got to. im so glas i have it on cd now. 'somebody thought of it, and someone believed it, look what its done so far'

track #9 katrina: walking on sunshine - katrina and the waves heehee, ok, so this probably isnt the memory this song *should* be bringing back, but it makes me think of young talent time. rad. i love it

track #10 bevis' best stage role: mister cellophane - chicago the musical rad.

track #11 hey, a movie! starring everybody, and me! i already yayed about this song, but i can happily yay again. yay! 'its ok, i landed on my head' 'gee, i wish i were you guys seeing this for the first time'

track #12 quincy: feeling pretty funky

track #13 life: movin right along - the muppets i had this on record too! yaaay!

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