Tuesday, November 01, 2005

by all means

i've been writing on his blog since 2002 and ive never deleted any comments. the comment button is there for you all to leave your opinions. most of you do, and most are well recieved by everyone. some people have differing opinions and that is fine too. i usually write back to these people, to try and suss out the actual reasons for the differences and sometimes this leads to interesting discussions. other times it just leads to people dodging questions and putting words into my mouth.

and so, ive decided that i'll be deleting the last lot of comments on my latest entries.

wendy, if you would like to continue our discussion, my email address is readily available on my blog. i'll be happy to keep talking abou this issue, which was a few lines in a whole entry, but only if you answer all the questions i ask, just like i answer yours.

i'll look forward to hearing from you

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