Monday, November 07, 2005

tag! you are the one

surly gregory tagged me, so here are 20 things you may or may not know about me.

pleasant reading

1. when i was younger i was obsessed with young talent time. i'd video episodes and replay them in the loungeroom where we had one wall entirely covered with mirror tiles (yeah! 80's decor!), and copy all the moves. i would also make my brother and the kids over the fence learn the dances as well. when i thought we were good enough, i rang a hospital...i cant remember now whether it was ashford or flinders...and told them that i was part of a dance group that would like to come and perform for sick kids. they sent me out a letter to confirm us coming in. i never wrote back

2. most photos of me which are taken outside, will result in my having one eye scrunched closed because of the sun being too bright. someone told me the reason i could see perfectly well with one eye closed in the sun was because by closing one eye, i had limited the sunlight going into my eyes my 50%. i still dont know if i believe that.

3. more often than not i feel as though my life should be a movie. a very boring movie, yeah, but there's always some sort of voiceover in my head that just seems too scripted to be anything else. when my "mentalness" was at its "craziest" i was pretty much convinced i was being interviewed by today tonight at most times of the day, and that they were terribly interested in me hanging out the washing and so forth

4. my dad doesnt drink beer. im still not sure of the reason, but when i was little i thought it was because he would turn into a werewolf if he did. i would have a recurring dream that mum, brett and i would be sitting at the traffic lights on wheatsheaf road, facing flaxmill road, and my dad would be at the lights on south road heading towards the city. its night time and he has the interior light on in his car. he's had beer. he's a wolf. and im so scared he will turn and see us. i wake up before the lights change.

5. i steal. all the time. mostly small things i dont need. i've done it ever since i can remember. i remember walking into the deli when i was younger, looking the shopkeeper in the eye, dipping my hand into what, in my memories, seems to be the biggest bucket of small chocolate easter eggs in the entire universe, taking a handful and walking out. i never got in trouble for it and he would even let us choose a packet of hubba bubba on halloween.

6. it makes me sad that i will never be able to send the kids up the shop with $2 to buy a loaf of bread and a litre of milk and say 'keep the change'. i cant do this for a couple of reasons. one, because there is no way thing will ever be that cheap again, and 2, because the world is such a shitty place now that you cant even trust that your kids will be safe playing in the front yard.

7. at the first house i lived in, we had a mandarin tree out the back. the fuit that it grew wasnt very nice, but it would do if you couldnt be bothered walking inside for food. one day i got the bright idea to sell these amazing mandarins. i got an empty icecream container, wrote 'coorara primary school' on the front in crayon, and filled it with tiny mandarins.
i think i sold a few, but then i made my mistake. i knocked on the door of a house nearby, and two little twin boys answered the door.


it wasnt the fact that these kids were only 6 and had they already had the school wary of them, it just happened to be that the boys mum was the deputy principal of my school. she took my mandarins, and my earnings and told me she would donate my takings to the school for me. all up, about 70 cents

8. i am addictive. not me, as in, my actual self, i mean, i get addicted to things very easily. for this reason im really scared of taking any drugs again, or drinking much alcohol.
here is a list of things i've been addicted to so far.

green grapes
green and orange iceblocks
tomato and onion tuna
fairy bread
mint chocolate areo bars
feel good iced coffee
fruit and spice muffins

9. i love to give and recieve mixed tapes/cds. it takes a lot of thought to make a good compilation. the songs, the order, the meaning behind everything. is it just a group of songs to introduce them to a genre of music? is there a special meaning behind each song that you're trying to convey? or is there a meaning behind the whole cd?

10. high fidelity is one of my all time top 5 favourite movies. probably has a lot to do with number 9 up there. right at this moment as im typing, with the words coming out quick, no stopping to really really think about it, my top 5 favourite movies are amelie, high fidelity, the breakfast club, charlie and the chocolate factory and to kill a mocking bird.

11.i have never, to my knowledge, broken a bone. i think i may have broken my litle toe once. i remember walking around a corner and catching it on the doorway. it really really really...i dont think i can write enough really's....hurt and its a bit of a funny shape now, compared to my other toes. i think the reason ive not broken anything is because i drink so much milk. i cant put it down to being amazingly coordinated or graceful since i am neither of these. i was once told i had my own awkward grace.

12. after young talent time was taken off air, i still held my dream of being part of a singing and dancing tv show. after school everyday i would take my stereo outside, plug it into the laundry, press play on my tape and something like summer 87 would start. this tape had such gems as a mater of trust, by billy joel, missionary man by the eurythmics, true colours by cyndii lauper and dancing on the ceiling by lionel ritchie (any of these songs could very easily have been on my choose 1985 tape, both were played...and played...and played). i would burst out of the laundry and do my dance to the song, performing to my imaginary audience. it was great.

13. its very likely i will be going to france next year

this scares me immensly

14. i've done a wee under the sydney harbour bridge. a couple of years ago, personwhosnameimustnevermention and i went to sydney to see the star wars exhibition.

heres a photo of me playing beatie bow around the backstreets of the rocks, where it was filmed.

playing beatie bow

we'd been walking around all day with our entire luggage and i was very tired. we'd sat down under the bridge and i realised i needed to wee. i looked around. surrounding me were little hills and lots of stairs. no toilets in close proximity. my back, neck and shoulders were aching. there was no one around. i sat on a low wall, slipped my knickers off, wriggled my bum to the edge of the ledge and wee'd.

much better

15. i wear sunglasses quite a lot. its very handy for me to wear sunglasses as i quite often will stare at people and frown with...i dont know...disbelief. the problem is that i also quite often forget, and will do this without sunglasses

16. i own more pyjamas and skirts than anything else and i cant help buying more

17.lets get international and a lil bit naughty... i have had "romantic feelings/interludes" with boys from australia, england, norway, france, america and denmark

18. i once stole a kitten. it died. i feel very very bad about this

19. dan just got voted out of australian idol by 27 votes??? what the fuck?? ok, this isnt exactly about me, but even people who cant stand the show must see the injustice of the only person on there who can actually sing and play an instrument, being voted off. this just reitterates my belief that people are stupid and ignorant. at least he wont have to record some crap album now. you know what this is like? its like novelty songs winning the hottest 100.
to make this about me...i watch these shows, dont vote, and then get pissy when the person i wanted to win, i am lazy

20. my favourite things are my babies, sleeping, reading, cups of tea with milk and hunny

yay! it only took me 3 days, but i've done it. and i tag..............andy, ross and...well, it was going to be sherriff matty but it seems he's on hiatus, so its gonna have to be, ooh, marla

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