Monday, November 21, 2005

i'm going to be stupidly insanely busy over the next few weeks, so instead of a proper post, you get a linky post full of things i've seen recently and even not so recently that have made me laugh or smile or whatever.

here they are

without further achoo*

~ i want this baby to play with my kids
~ i am currently listening to a cd made by this lovely man. i will be reviewing soon. so far, all smiles
~ current post by above lovely man, i actually laughed like i commented
~ i want to be friends with ms fits. i cant help myself. i want to be part of the cool gang. i cant believe amanda vanstone said this. actually, yes i can
~ ha! i just went to the music sa site to find info on the gig i was going to tell you all about and look who is the featured band. be there!
~ i get to pash ben! theres no link for that...hang on, yes there is...oh, no there isnt....but ben!!!!
~ i bought a typewriter last week for $5. im hoping it will be the star of the show
~ in a fit of sookiness i spent $100 on t shirts from here. you can guess which ones i got, and i'll post pics when they get here. merry christmas me! (also, merry christmas other people these shirts are for too)
~ 12 months of chuckles. this rules
~ starring everybody, and me! heehee, cd review soon

* achoo, aaahahahahahahaaaa, im so funny

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