Thursday, November 17, 2005

work vs school

are you aware that your library subscribes to databases from all over australia, and around the world? ask us to show you how to access this new world of information!

actually dont, because we havent finished our homework yet. we've been given a workbook which we are to go through and answer using the databases.

the first question

who is robert zimmerman better known as? print a picture of this person

i immediatley go to write down 'bob dylan' but then think, no, i should do this properly. so i log on. (new window opens)what? oh, i need a library card number. k (new window opens)...and...what? oh, click here? k...(new window opens) here? ok....(new window opens)library card number again? i just put it in..stupid computer...(new window opens) where? (new window opens) this is fucked

my answer:

i tried to use the databases but they were very user UNfriendly so i typed 'robert zimmerman' into google and it came up with 'bob dylan'. then i did a google image search and printed him out

i hope i pass

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