Monday, September 26, 2005

weekend wrap up

west beach road

despite our best intentions, i spent the weekend on west beach road which, according to personwhosnameimustnevermention does not exist but here is the undeniable proof!!!! take that, beard man!

tom moved house this weekend and now lives even closer to the beach than me. i was going to take a photo of the view from his bedroom window but the sea was the same colour as the sky in a grey way, not a blue way, so the photo wouldnt have been very good. just know that he can see the sea. its a really nice place....the only photo i have of it is this one tomand its pretty much just a photo of tom with no shirt on. oops. that boy is always losing his clothes. anyway, its a nice place that he's sharing with tushar and even though its further away than his old place its easier to find and we all know that simple is best when it comes to me and directions to places.

face paintmy weekend started out on friday night when x went to the school disco. he actually participated in the dancing and the face painting and the spray painted hair. my little man is growing up. this is the only photo he'd let me take of his face though to prove he had it painted.glowthey also gave out glow sticks to the kids. trying to breed a bunch of clubbers. when we got home, i took the photos then put the kids to bed. x came out after about 5 minutes and said he had something to tell me. apparently he'd snuck out during the disco so he could see the glow stick working outside, and teachers had to come out and look for him. i told him it wasnt the best thing to do, and that he knew that, but thatnkyou for letting me know....back off to bed.
"but i was so naughty mum *sniffle, tears rolling down his cheeks* i dont deserve to go to bed, you shuld make me stay up"
doesnt work that way, bucko

so saturday i dropped the boys off with personwhosnameimustnevermention's mum and sister at gloria jeans. e has the funniest, cheekiest sense of humour. he asked where we were going, i said 'to see granny and auntie r at gjs', he says 'oh...grandma and aaron at cjs' and laughs his little head off and runs away.
the i drove to west beach road and met up with tom and tush at their new place and took tom op shopping for bed stuff. i was supposed to go to jasons birthday party that night, but i'd spoken to alison earlier and we were gonna meet up later in the city. i was all set to go to crank for a while then mosey on down to supermild to see craig and ross but we had to have tea first. tom made spaghetti bolognaise. minus spaghetti and tomatos. mehehe. i made him toastie toasties for tea sunday night so im not much better. ooh, remind me about toastie toasties.
so yeah, all set to go out, but we fell asleep and i didnt wake up till about 3 so we didnt go out.

sunday was a day of first experiences for tom.he experienced what it was to be a librarian and then we went back to my place for toastie toasties and a night of australian idol and detective goran. he's such a quick learner. by the end of it, he was telling laura gissaro to fuck off before i was slap that bitch now, dont try and tell me you looked at that photo and didnt want to reach into your computer screen and stab that girls eyes out. look at that patronising git. she isnt feeling sorry for poor natalie, she's silently praising satan for all the money her family has so they can vote their little spawn through week after week.
unfortunatley i dont do australaian idol justice. i cannot sit here and go through each performance as i get side tracked too easily. i cant go 5 seconds without calling mark holden a cockhead or telling some one to fuck off. if you want to read about idol the way it should be read, go here, just come back afterwards so you can keep reading la la alaalalaaaaaaa, hmm hmmmmm, bebapbadoooooo...hey, maybe i *should* audition for australian idol next year...hmm.....lalalalaaaaalalalalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

ok, good, you're back

sorry, what? oh yeah! toastie toasties, thanks. tonight, vicki and kirsty are coming over and we are going to eat gross yummy food and watch the australian idol live verdict show!! we are so those two girls from the telstra ads. kirsty is bringing home made icecream and we're gonna attempt a recipe i saw in a book some lady borrowed from work.

this + this + this, this and whatever else we decide might be yum


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