Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I’ve been waiting for a moment like that for a long time

Me too. And I got it on Saturday night. Since everyone else is lame*, I went to crank at the crown and anchor by myself on Saturday night. I knew craig and ross would be there anyway, so I wouldn’t be all alone, but I still felt like a bit of a loser going in there by myself. I shouldn’t have though, because I was wearing my new amazing dress which has magical powers.

I got there about midnight after hanging at matts for a little while, coming home and watching you am I on studio 22. I love you am i. they really are brilliant. Anyway, there weren’t many people there at 12, so it was easy to find ross and his friend who I’ve forgotten his name…tim? Maybe? Maybe I just think it was tim because he looked a little like the gnome tim that Adrian and I both know….oh well, I met tim, ross’ girlfriend kiarra and their friend Olivia. There was another girl there who I’ve forgotten her name as well. Bad carly. She had a girly, old fashioned name. hmm.

So we danced. Ross and kiarra fought, again. Poor ross. His sad little face. He really loves her, you can see that. Its unfortunate that they fight because you can see that she loves him too. Maybe she just needs to realise that he *does* love her, and relax and enjoy it. Maybe I should shut up because I’ve met them twice and don’t really even know them. Whatever.

There was some really good music. Ratcat, the cure, 99 luft balloons and two other bands which I seem to have forgotten, all in the same block of songs. It was so good. I felt old and young at the same time.
Strangely enough, doorbell by the white stripes was played and no one in my group of people knew it. I felt all kinds of special and knowlegable. I would have thought they’d know that song. Perhaps they spend too much time listening to Interpol** :P

Craig got there a little later and we all hung out and danced for a couple of hours.
It was then that dj ian started playing crap. Stupid current pop crap; gwen stafani and that milkshake song, ugh. He mashed two songs together first, which was annoying, but passable, then he just started on with the crap so we went out the front for a little while.
It was about 2am by this stage. I had an invitation to sleep at daniels ***which I was considering taking up cos I was kinda sleepy by this stage and it was cold out there. Also, some cuddles would have been really nice…

But then we were saved by some more dancey good tunes, and upon heading back into the disco arena**** we say ian was handing out show bags. Show bags! Yay! Lolly pops and hair ties and bangles and a cd and Charlie and the chocolate factory posters and yay!
Very exciting.

So, we’re wandering back to the table where we were before and this girl looks at me and whispers something to a boy. I kind of stare and frown a little, as I am want to do on occasion, and keep walking.
Then I hear the girl say ‘her! Her!’ and this is when I stop, turn around and stare at them both and say ‘hi….what?’
The girl, (who is very cute, by the way, all pixie hair and a school uniform. Very cute), puts her arm around the boy and says ‘this is tom. He’s looking for love in all the wrong places so I’m helping him….and he’s german’
‘no im not, im french’, says the boy
‘he’s French! Even better. Look at those cheekbones!’ says the girl
and as the two of us look over the boy who we now all know as tom, we both agree that yes, he is very cute. He has lovely brown eyes, very cute hair, and yes, rather nice cheekbones.
‘he’s all young though, isn’t he?’ I ask, ‘how old are you?’
‘he’s 22*****’ she says
tom just smiles

so we dance. And its really cute. And I gave him a lolly pop and somehow it got stuck on a passing man and that was just hilarious and we dance some more (rock and roll dancing, I’m told), and out of the corner of my eye I see the cute pixie girl coming over with another girl who seems younger than me, so I stepped away, back with ross and everyone else. Then I feel arms around my waist and I turn around to see a nice French boy, whispering in my ear that the cute girls first choice was much better.
And we kiss
And its really nice
And we kiss again
And this repeats for about the next couple of hours

I honestly cannot remember a time when I kissed non stop for that long since I was 15, and laying on my bad in the dark with phillip reid listening to tubular bells.

Its amazing what a good kiss can do for you. A really good kiss, you know. Like, hands on your face, cradling it while you kiss slowly, working up to a deeper, more intense kiss that makes you press against the other person, makes you forget everyone else in the room. I encourage all of you to go out and get a few of them right now. Go. Now. What are you waiting for?

The cranker was closing and we were asked to move along. The bouncerette said ‘I hate to ruin the moment guys but we are closing’ hehehe. I laughed.

While we were outside we took part in a discussion about whether or not guys could hold hands without people thinking they were gay. To prove a point, a girl, amy, and I were asked to hold hands. Did we look gay? No. we were asked to kiss. Did we look gay? No. tom and his Indian friend whos name im not even going to attempt to spell, held hands. Did they look gay? Amy and I said no, but Indian guy said ‘yes! Yes we look gay! They’re all faggots in India!’ he also looked at girls and asked them if he was going to get sex tonight. Oh yeah, he is so gonna get lucky with the chicks. Maybe with the guys…

And I went to shotz! Ive never been to shotz and it was as gross and dingy as I thought it would be so I wasn’t disappointed. The floor was sticker than the termi, but as it was tiled it didn’t have the squishy factor that the termi does that definitely adds to its charm.
We kissed there too, and when we stopped, he pulled away slowly, looked me in the eye and said 'ive been waiting for a moment like that for a long time...thankyou'

So I got home at 6:30 am after a night of kissing, kissing and more kissing. And a lovely French boy told me (in French) that he had a lovely evening, and accents never really did it for me before but that really did

*had other plans that did not involve me
**which was played using *my* mind power, thankyou very much
***I get a message the next day saying that maybe I’ve missed my chance. Feh, do you really think I thought I had a chance to begin with? You never kissed me before, why should I think you’d do it now?
****it really isn’t called this, but I think it should be
*****he’s actually only 20. do I feel old and like some creepy old cradle snatching woman? Yes, yes I do. But only when I thought about it. Most of the time I was kissing and thinking about how nice it was

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