Thursday, September 08, 2005


"i think it's dark and it looks like rain" you said
"and the wind is blowing like it's the end of the
world" you said "and it's so cold it's like the
cold if you were dead" and then you smiled for
a second.

funnily enough, im not using that quote because im sad or sooky or depressed or any number of things. im using it because i have a cold, and if i was dead, i wouldnt be feeling as crappy as i am right now.

its midnight. and any of you who know me know that i dont work well past about 10 o'clock. i'll be fine one minute and you'll look away and when you look back, sad carly will have taken over. and she doesnt take no for an answer...ive just spent about 20 minutes looking for photos of me asleep and covered in texta drawings but i cant find them. ask vicki. she probably knows where they are.

its taken me forty five minutes to write this. im getting grumpy and my back hurts

why does my computer go into 'find' mode while im typing? stupid

ok, ive started whinging, im gonna try and sleep

bonne nuit everybody

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