Tuesday, September 13, 2005


i dont think it is possible for me to dislike a television show more than i dislike dancing with the stars.
i dont think i have anything against the show itself...im sure the stars put in a shitload of practice to dance like that. i know i couldnt do it as i have absolutely no coordination and do everything to my own beat. the thing that i dislike about it so much is that it puts all saints on half an hour later and that really shits me.

all of you out there in blog land may not know of my total adoration for all saints. i love this show. and i have for many many years. i was wary of them letting terry leave, but its been fine. i could have punched someone when mitch died, but it continued and its still as good as ever. i dont know that there will ever be another team like jarred, bron and that other guy who was a real life doctor, you remember him? but its a bloody good show nonetheless.

also, i loathe darryl sommers

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