Tuesday, September 06, 2005

we are each here to fill our own small silence with dancing

my trip started off pretty well. it was a lovely day in adelaide, nice and warm. when i landed in melbourne it was freezing, something like 4 degrees. ridiculously cold. airplane boysanyway, i was seated next to two boys who were flying over for some recording. i took a photo of us just after the one with the hat said he was convinced we were going to die because the wings were wobbling.

parker lewiswhen i got to melbourne, adrian wasnt there. yeah, i know. but it turned out he was there, he was just on the other side of the road behind a pole. we drove back to his place to drop off my things and so i could give him some presents.you can go see adrians blog to read how thankful he is for his present. i really do rule at giving presents.

me on adrians bedwe went looking for somewhere for dinner but nothing was open. well, nothing that looked appealing to me anyway. there was one of those authentic chinese places that sold ants crawling up a tree or something like that. i didnt want to chance it so we went to safeway and bought canned soup and bread rolls instead. we also bought a packet of cookie bears. yay cookie bears! after tea we went to bed
the next morning i had the best breakfast i have ever had. it was so good infact that i needed to take a photo of it to preserve its goodness.the best breakfast ever feast your eyes, people, feast your eyes let me describe it to you. home made, seeded bread, toasted to perfecting and buttered to perfection too. a hash brown. a roasted tomato. some green green spinach. good bacon, not just strips of fat with a bit of meat on them, real bacon. perfect eggs. and on top, a toasted and buttered baguette. add to that a couple of cappucinos and you have the most amazing breakfast ever ingested. adrian had sausage and mushroom with his to. heavenly. i want that breakfast right now actually. yeah, thatd go down real nicely.

we wandered the streets of melbourne town. popping in and out of shops and admiring their wares. i dont think i bought anything at that stage, i just did lots of looking. here are some things that i looked at:

crippled pigeonscrippled pigeons

cripled ladycrippled lady with red smiley jeans

i know where i am!me realising i knew where i was on our way from theresas to bridge road.

melbourne bloggingwhen we ran out of things to look at we did what all nerds do. we went to the library and blogged

after theresa finished work, we headed on down to the nash and had a couple of drinks.at the nashwe met her lovely friend bridget who has go go danced on stage with cyndii lauper and declared that she felt like becoming a lesbian. did i fall in love? yes i did

later that night we went to the housewarming party that i've already posted about, but here are some pics for you to take a looksy at


as you will have already read, i slept a lot of the next day. i had a good breakfast then too and bought a dress which i look very sexy in. and it worked for me last saturday night as you've already read. and then spent the monday with theresa, wandering around the streets having lots of coffees and lots of talks. it was really good. we bumped into hannah and mika, had more coffee, talked more then went to hannahs for a yummy stirfry. thanks hannah!! your name is the same frontways and backways!!

tuesday was the first day i had all to myself so i used it to take lots of photos

tramnetspontaneous choirstreet artshadowmelbournemelbournemelbournemelbournemelbournemelbournemelbournemelbournemelbournemelbournemelbournemelbournemelbournemelbourne

and to finish it all off here is a picture of scary adrian holding a gin bottle full of water

evil adrian

if you look in the background on the left hand side you can see a very cute girl. i was actually trying to take photos of her but had adrian pose so it didnt look too obvious

here is the photo that i took when i forgot all about being too obvious

cute girl

and lastly, as we flew into adelaide airport, i leaned over the people sitting next to me and took these photos.

adelaide lights

i hope you've enjoyed my post as much as i enjoyed doing all the things in it. thankyou, and goodnight

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